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  • This 4 day old was AWESOME! He was so squishy... unlike some babies who are quite skinny when just born. I wanted to cuddle him between every pose... wait a sec, I did! Lol! Loved spending the morning with you angel!
  • Adam, such a lovely little soul. So tiny and so sweet. I love your hair!
  • I was asked to do a product shoot, and these two gorgeous babes were the models... I love their names, such royalty! Oh mommy, you have your hands full of cuteness. 5weeks old.
  • I don't do nearly as many maternity shoots as I do newborn... but I am always so glad when a mommy decides to capture this very precious time in her life. Isn't Angela beautiful?!
  • Jayden - 12 days old... You have to be the cuddliest, most relaxed baby ever! Your handsome face and soft skin are enough to make anybody want to steal a kiss! What a lot of fun you were to pose... I can't wait to edit your gallery. (Newborn cosy fall outfit made by me... so happy...
  • This is Cathrine...Such a precious baby doll!! I photographed her brother when he was new born... I LOVE it when clients return, and I get to see the little people they have grown into 🙂
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